Thursday, July 26, 2012

shoujo design sketches

Preliminary sketches for the Shoujo eye design. Goal is to create a new BESM (big eye, small mouth). As we have to be original, and not look like other eyes, our shoujo eyes are based on a shrukien (4 point throwing star shape). The design is to create a new eye shape that reflects another world, to bring in more fantasy, more sci-fi, by looking different than the other anime.


WitchHunter Szillie

The Void Mistress

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hugger Hugger Company Logo and Identity established

David Cardamone, his anime company is called "Hugger Hugger Company". It is named after the reverse of the Japanese term for "Hugger-Mugger" a person who hugs you and pretends to be your friend to mug you. Reversing this role, Hugger-Hugger Company is to be everyone's friend and make anime.
all the colors in the above logo is from one single red.
this is a pink-chromatic version of the logo, another drawn render of it.