Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Finally, 27 Second Full Color Anime Test.

Whew! Finally, this must have taken 40-50 hours, total. Ugh. However, that time frame in labor can be cut to more than half if:
1. Frames are drawn carefully, with skill, quickly, with sharp 6B pencil, no line breaks, no marks or mistakes to correct in photoshop. (real eraser is problematic) (frames drawn hastily with mistakes in 2B pencil)
2. Scanned at high 600 dpi for less line breaks (in theory, right now these are scanned at 300 dpi)
3. If frames are drawn carefully and there are no line breaks, then coloring is a breeze. The use of Bucket makes filling in blank spaces with color a lot easier.
4. However, that time left can be used for adding shadows.
5. Skill= Speed. The more skill and pratice, the faster it can be to make good frames.
6. Assistant. An assistant is needed to scan and digitally color frames would be nice.
7. Backgrounds should be painted with High Grade Gouache paint. Japan calls it "Poster Paint" and we Americans confuse Poster paint with Tempura. The above backgrounds are painted in Tempura. I will need to get some High Grade Gouache and thus the backgrounds will look so much better.
8. Perhaps using a lead pencil also causes line breaks because some parts will shine when the scanner scans it. If that is the case, then a matte black coloring pencil should be used, one that makes a heavy line so one doesn't have to apply pressure to the drawing.

Wow, Anime takes a long time to make, but with skill in drawing fast with no mistakes, and fast methods used, I can make a good hand-drawn anime. Right now, I am going to take a break from animating, to hone my drawing skills to increase my skill in drawing anime, illustrating the gaming cards, and make a better anime. I will train for 2 months of drawing and thus will make a better anime after training. All animators go through training when making a new anime to adjust to style change, etc.

Monday, October 1, 2012

4 second color test

takes forever coloring it. Since the first few second frames were drawn fast and sketch-like, they were difficult to color with the bucket tool, which colors between black lines that connect the dots. In order to color some frames here, I had to do it with the paint/pencil tool, which took freaking forever, like, an hour a frame. But the wizard frame, which was drawn well and connected the dots, a seconds worth of frames is finished in less than an hour. The final drawings of frames must be drawn carefully with a 6b pencil, sharp at all times, all lines connected, no marks, and scanned at 600 dpi to make sure the scanner doesnt create broken lines, and thus itll be easy to color them with the bucket tool in photoshop. It takes super-forever, an hour a frame is TOO LONG if you draw with sketch-like with a lot of broken lines, like I spent perhaps 10 hours on coloring 2 seconds in this anime, perhaps more..

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

27 second anime rough draft test for "Starship of Darkness"

the 27 second anime rough draft test for "Starship of Darkness". Takes forever to photoshop each frame, in order to make the drawings more clean such as connecting 'breaks' or crossed 'marks' of lines. So, each frame, when hand-drawn, has to be drawn carefully and with more skill, with clean lines that don't break or cross each other. The time spent in drawing is worth all the while, because in post-production, it takes longer in photoshop. So, in summary:
No need to worry about wasting time drawing, because trying to fix it or alter it in post-production such as photoshop takes too long.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Three-Second anime.

previous 2 second anime all cleaned up with addition of one second. Wizard turns, casts spell on Witch-Hunters.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Second Anime test

combines one second of the first anime with one second of the second anime, repeated in a loop for obeservation. A powerful wizard casts a spell that teleports Witch Hunter Davo and Svillie far away, eons of light years away in the dark abyss of the galaxy where there are no stars.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

first hand drawn anime test

took about 3 hours to draw 9 frames for this one-second animation, which is looped 16 times for observation. About 10 minutes each frame, making 90 minutes, then the additional 90 minutes was spent putting it up in photoshop to convert to PNG and setting it up in Anime Studio Pro 8.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Void Demoness- Gothic Lolita Pose

the orgin of the Void Demoness- this is a SPOILER (warning). She was a nice little girl, she always ate too much chocolate, and one day, her boyfriend broke up with her, and she got so angry, that she wanted revenge and turned to demonology to cast spells on her ex-boyfriend for revenge- and since then, her pacts with demons has gotten her the position of the most demonic bitch in the universe.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Improved Character Group Poses

the method of drawing them all separately by inking the sketches carefully, leaving no gaps, makes coloring in photoshop easier. They are drawn full size on paper and then re-sized in photoshop. This method is fast, considering if drawing everything on one paper they get small and details get compromised, and its harder to work with in photoshop. This method is also faster, depending on how good the ink work is.

Character Group Photo and background

takes forever, since my drawing style is free-flow an uses a lot of ah, non-touching lines, this poses a problem as lines have to touch if you want to color it in photoshop. Even though sketching/inking probably took me 20 minutes it took me more than 3 fucking hours to color the characters in photoshop, cleaning up freaking lines and connecting them so that Photoshop's tools will work. Sucks ass, what this means, if I want to use photoshop, its best to ink carefully and when working with small images, that means I have to do each character indivitually bigger on one sheet of paper, and then when they're all scanned they go together, thats what has to happen in animation, anyways. I believe its so much faster to paint by hand using animation cels than photoshop. Im starting to think the computers just good for editing and running the animation, while using animatoin cels for everything else.
as you can see, theres so many gaps between lines, and that means I have to change my style of drawing. Its hard, and it also means I have to train, train, train in drawing anime, just like I train, train, train for a fight. No problem. With training will come mastery.
this background is ok. Ill have to research the proper methods. Plus flattening it to prevent glare during scanning or other anti-glare techniques.

isnt this background just so beautiful? Ill have to get one of those "how to make backgrounds for anime" books to learn the techniques. It all in the materials and mediums used to get the effect.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Asta Character Sketches

Many varations of Asta, this one below showing her lamb-like Elf ears, the preceding ones without elf ears, and then spock-like ears.

 forgot her elven ears, ugh.
Asta in transformation, w/out wings.

Live Action Actor: David Cardamone

David Cardamone, the brainchild and do-it-all of Hugger Hugger Company, is also the live actor, director, producer, and martial-arts choreographer, and here are several examples of his fighting, martial arts experience, acting, and films.
above his his "Short version of Fight Highlights" less than three minutes
a good look at how handsome David is- He looks like a mix of James Dean and Elvis and Jim Morrison.
the long version of "Fight Highlights" feature a lot of his tornado kicks, his trademark kick and would be featured prominently in the martial arts choreography
This animation by David Cardamone also features his acting and real live LARP use in medieval combat choreography
this animation by David Cardamone features his martial arts choreography, gun choreography, and his handsome features spoofing James Bond
This early film spoof of Indiana Jones shows David Cardamone's film directing, editing, and acting experience, from his student days.

Monday, August 13, 2012

the Hugger Hugger Company Animation Studio

Monsieur Bome figurines are displayed on the wall for inspiration.
Bjork's Post Album with Bjork Autograph for inspiration. An Album of anime, MegaZone23 is next to it. The sound studio, a C.C. figurine from Code Geass, an Akira (Bome) figurine, a "IHeartRaves" bag, a Hello Kitty Fight Mask, is displayed by the sound studio.
This Desk is the main production studio. A PC, Lightbox, and Scanner is used as Tools of the Trade plus lots of TALENT!!! Above the desk is 30+ books on animation and about a  hundred issues of Computer Music.
The ambience of Figurines and Bome Figurines serve as inspiration for the Hugger Hugger Company. Above the window is a Fan collection, with a Slayers fan, a Mikunopolis fan, a Aemoba Music fan, and a Love Festival fan. A Bjork album, of course, and a bed for cuddling with females.
two Xenosaga Bome figurines, a NoNo from Diebuster Aim for the Top figurine, a Karen and Rio Bunnygirl figurines, lots of anime, 60s erotic spy novels, warhammer rpg, naughty japanese hentai games, etc
A Dirty Pair figurine set, a figurine of Gina Carano (the artist has trained 2 months in Las Vegas with Gina Carano, the star of Haywire); the complete Oni Devil Girl collection from Bome, Warhammer Novels, anime, anime, anime, lol.

the Art Director, Animator, Character Designer, Writer, Director, Live-Action actor, martial-arts choreographer, illustrator and Do-It-All: David Cardamone, with Gina Carano.

Hugger Hugger Company studio production sheets

Hugger Hugger Company's Production Chart for Animated Film, customized to using both retro and new methods of animation.
Hugger Hugger Company's Director's Workbook

Hugger Hugger Company's Storyboard Sheets

Thursday, July 26, 2012

shoujo design sketches

Preliminary sketches for the Shoujo eye design. Goal is to create a new BESM (big eye, small mouth). As we have to be original, and not look like other eyes, our shoujo eyes are based on a shrukien (4 point throwing star shape). The design is to create a new eye shape that reflects another world, to bring in more fantasy, more sci-fi, by looking different than the other anime.


WitchHunter Szillie

The Void Mistress

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hugger Hugger Company Logo and Identity established

David Cardamone, his anime company is called "Hugger Hugger Company". It is named after the reverse of the Japanese term for "Hugger-Mugger" a person who hugs you and pretends to be your friend to mug you. Reversing this role, Hugger-Hugger Company is to be everyone's friend and make anime.
all the colors in the above logo is from one single red.
this is a pink-chromatic version of the logo, another drawn render of it.