Monday, October 1, 2012

4 second color test

takes forever coloring it. Since the first few second frames were drawn fast and sketch-like, they were difficult to color with the bucket tool, which colors between black lines that connect the dots. In order to color some frames here, I had to do it with the paint/pencil tool, which took freaking forever, like, an hour a frame. But the wizard frame, which was drawn well and connected the dots, a seconds worth of frames is finished in less than an hour. The final drawings of frames must be drawn carefully with a 6b pencil, sharp at all times, all lines connected, no marks, and scanned at 600 dpi to make sure the scanner doesnt create broken lines, and thus itll be easy to color them with the bucket tool in photoshop. It takes super-forever, an hour a frame is TOO LONG if you draw with sketch-like with a lot of broken lines, like I spent perhaps 10 hours on coloring 2 seconds in this anime, perhaps more..

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