Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Character Group Photo and background

takes forever, since my drawing style is free-flow an uses a lot of ah, non-touching lines, this poses a problem as lines have to touch if you want to color it in photoshop. Even though sketching/inking probably took me 20 minutes it took me more than 3 fucking hours to color the characters in photoshop, cleaning up freaking lines and connecting them so that Photoshop's tools will work. Sucks ass, what this means, if I want to use photoshop, its best to ink carefully and when working with small images, that means I have to do each character indivitually bigger on one sheet of paper, and then when they're all scanned they go together, thats what has to happen in animation, anyways. I believe its so much faster to paint by hand using animation cels than photoshop. Im starting to think the computers just good for editing and running the animation, while using animatoin cels for everything else.
as you can see, theres so many gaps between lines, and that means I have to change my style of drawing. Its hard, and it also means I have to train, train, train in drawing anime, just like I train, train, train for a fight. No problem. With training will come mastery.
this background is ok. Ill have to research the proper methods. Plus flattening it to prevent glare during scanning or other anti-glare techniques.

isnt this background just so beautiful? Ill have to get one of those "how to make backgrounds for anime" books to learn the techniques. It all in the materials and mediums used to get the effect.

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