Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Live Action Actor: David Cardamone

David Cardamone, the brainchild and do-it-all of Hugger Hugger Company, is also the live actor, director, producer, and martial-arts choreographer, and here are several examples of his fighting, martial arts experience, acting, and films.
above his his "Short version of Fight Highlights" less than three minutes
a good look at how handsome David is- He looks like a mix of James Dean and Elvis and Jim Morrison.
the long version of "Fight Highlights" feature a lot of his tornado kicks, his trademark kick and would be featured prominently in the martial arts choreography
This animation by David Cardamone also features his acting and real live LARP use in medieval combat choreography
this animation by David Cardamone features his martial arts choreography, gun choreography, and his handsome features spoofing James Bond
This early film spoof of Indiana Jones shows David Cardamone's film directing, editing, and acting experience, from his student days.

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