Monday, August 13, 2012

the Hugger Hugger Company Animation Studio

Monsieur Bome figurines are displayed on the wall for inspiration.
Bjork's Post Album with Bjork Autograph for inspiration. An Album of anime, MegaZone23 is next to it. The sound studio, a C.C. figurine from Code Geass, an Akira (Bome) figurine, a "IHeartRaves" bag, a Hello Kitty Fight Mask, is displayed by the sound studio.
This Desk is the main production studio. A PC, Lightbox, and Scanner is used as Tools of the Trade plus lots of TALENT!!! Above the desk is 30+ books on animation and about a  hundred issues of Computer Music.
The ambience of Figurines and Bome Figurines serve as inspiration for the Hugger Hugger Company. Above the window is a Fan collection, with a Slayers fan, a Mikunopolis fan, a Aemoba Music fan, and a Love Festival fan. A Bjork album, of course, and a bed for cuddling with females.
two Xenosaga Bome figurines, a NoNo from Diebuster Aim for the Top figurine, a Karen and Rio Bunnygirl figurines, lots of anime, 60s erotic spy novels, warhammer rpg, naughty japanese hentai games, etc
A Dirty Pair figurine set, a figurine of Gina Carano (the artist has trained 2 months in Las Vegas with Gina Carano, the star of Haywire); the complete Oni Devil Girl collection from Bome, Warhammer Novels, anime, anime, anime, lol.

the Art Director, Animator, Character Designer, Writer, Director, Live-Action actor, martial-arts choreographer, illustrator and Do-It-All: David Cardamone, with Gina Carano.

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